A facelift for a footstool…

Trying to shake things up a bit in the house.  Trying to ward off the wintertime blues before they have a chance to begin.  (ugh)

Enter footstool:

When my dad bought me my Hope Chest for high school graduation, we got this footstool for FREE.  Yes, I liked FREE even back then.

But the fabric has seen better days.


I was up bright and early (shocker!!) and began to re-upholstery before I even got dressed.  (or obviously had my hair or makeup done).  This proves I am NOT a morning person!!!

I function MUCH better at midnight!!!

Enter NEW fabric.

My niece gave me a bunch of COOL fabric pieces found at garage sales,  (much of what I already have other plans for)  but this natural  burlap coffee bag was the perfect covering I had been looking for. I am not into “coffee decor” or any “themed rooms” but the subtle hint of what this fabric once held makes it cool!!!   Adding design AND texture, not to mention, I am a sucker for anything with letters and/or numbers on it.  What an improvement huh?   A screwdriver, some staples and hot glue….I am in love with this little FREE footstool all over again.  Good for another 25 years.  🙂

You can tell I am drawn to the eclectic decor. I would rather NOTHING match in my house....it is part of it's charm 🙂

Make note of the wicker chair pad?   yuck.  It is next in line for new fabric.  It will also be a surprising fabric combo.  I already have it picked out and with any luck, I can also post pictures of it.

I am also in LOVE with the suitcase ensemble.  Picked the blue ones up at a garage sale for $1.  Two sizes nested inside each other!!  (thanks Sherry)   and the brown one on top held a typewriter.  All with nice flat tops, just the way I like them.

It is amazing how easy this project was.

Do you have odd pieces in your home screaming for a fresh look?

Or maybe a couch that just needs some new toss pillows?

I would love to hear of any plans you have, or have already done, including tips for myself and others on different ways to spruce up your home….of course, on a dime.  🙂

Sometimes, it is just the smallest things, can make the biggest difference.

Now, I think I will go grab a Coke, and a magazine to end my day, and see just how well the new footstool fabric works to rest my feet upon.  🙂


10 Responses to “A facelift for a footstool…”

  1. machita Says:

    wow! who helped you decorate!!!!!!!!!!!! something i have done different AND free is went across the street to my sisters house and borrowed an old phone and a very dirty mid century modern chair she snagged from city wide cleanup!!!!!!!! looks awesome in my entryway! i sure hope she is not wanting them back anytime soon :O thanks kelli

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, that is an awesome idea. I bet everyone wishes they had such a sister living across the street!!!! 😉 count your blessings……. (just saying)

  2. Sherry Says:

    Love the footstool and your blue suitcases too…good job, now I have to get busy on my footstool…

  3. Bejes Says:

    Saweet repurpose! Nice work! Which of your awesome nieces gave you that?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, I figured this would do you proud. It was the perfect idea for the coffee bag. NOW……contemplating the little PRECIOUS coin bags!!! Double love them. 🙂

  4. suzie Says:

    Well Kelli great job on your footstool love it you have so many talents , well i got to old chairs way back when and i am going to paint them , i have to make new seats for them cause them cause there are none !!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, that is even BETTER Suzie!! I love love love painted furniture!!! you ought to post a before & after picture. I would love to see it!!

  5. Diana Weirich Says:

    Both of my boys have left home, so their bathroom was in need of a little brightening up. The walls were already painted a light sage green, everthing else was white.
    I found a piece of fabric in my stash with geraniums on it, found a new red rug at Salvation Army for $3, and pulled out some cute stuff for accent pieces. A basket with white towels, white towels hanging up, and a little wall shelf that I’gve had for ages that looks like a picket fence.

    Voila !! Nice and clean and cheery! All for very little money.
    The family room is next, but I fear that will cost just a little more!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that sounds awesome!! I bet the red rug really sets it off!! someday….when my kids are gone, I will be doing my bathrooms, and enjoy the new decor, but most off all the CLEANLINESS!!! LOL

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