Rag bowl….

I have always loved Rag Bowls.  Fabric Bowls…whatever you call them,  I love them.

So, this last weekend I went browsing around a quilt store in Des Moines (Clive) and right there, front and center was a book with my name written all over it!!!   “It’s a Wrap” was the name of it.   I had intended to find quilting supplies, but left with this instead.   I am telling you, this store was a little off the beaten path, but WELL worth looking for.  I believe the name is Creekside Quilting.  If you are in the area, you need to seek it out!!!

The book  is now mine as well as some of the WONDERFUL fabric the store had to sell, the clothesline I needed, and the inspiration I needed to get the dust off my sewing machine.  I am set!!!

These are so fun to make and the variations are ENDLESS.  I started out basic, but I am ready for advanced techniques already!!

Beginning process. Could easily be made into coasters, table runners, placemats....or bowls!!! I pick bowls.

Cotton clothesline, wrapped with ANY pattern or solid cotton fabric, coiled together row by row…..

it is taking "shape"...... yeah!!!

Then… zig zagging rows together, and sewing at an angle when the base is the desired size….

Ta-Da !!! the finished product!!!

and continue adding rows to the desired height.

Done.  Isn’t it awesome, if I might say so myself?

Now, I already have BIG plans for more.   Adding coiled handles, different patterns all within the same bowl, making them in “school” colors, adding a different colored “rim”, adding beads, and possibly even trying oval shaped bowls.   Plain ones, colorful ones, table runners, coaster sets…….

I am excited.

Not to mention how many of these creations are going to make their way under the Christmas tree.

Honestly, I would LOVE to have a handmade gift like this.

and it is a frugal and repurposed project.  I will be digging deep to find the FUN scraps of fabric I have in my stash, and making really interesting combinations of lots of things.

And although I am buying NEW cotton clothesline for mine, you COULD go cut up an old clothesline if ya really wanted to do this “on a dime”.  LOL

Just saying…….

I am sure there will be many more pictures to follow…eventually.


10 Responses to “Rag bowl….”

  1. Sherry Says:

    OMG Kelli, I used to make those years ago, but not on the sewing machine, by hand…I will have to dig up pictures, my cat would sleep in mine…it became her catbed!!! Brenda is 42 now and I did them when she was in jr high school…what goes around comes around…isn’t that fun…;}

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Really??? oh my goodness, I would love to see pictures of yours. I can not imagine doing all of these by hand….my hand kills me enough just coiling the material!! LOL

  2. Pam Taylor Says:

    as always, you are amazing…..nice project….

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks Pam….if I keep this up, my whole house will be filled with them. I already have an order for 5 by Christmas, so looks like mine will be after the holidays. 🙂

  3. Diana Says:

    You must have been to Creekside Quilting in Clive as Copper Creek Quilting in Pleasant Hill was run by a friend of mine and closed years ago.

    Anyway, I have made coasters this way for a fund raiser and they were so fun!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      THAT’S it !! oh thank you for the correction. I will go back and edit my post. Is that place just so awesome or what?? oh my. I could do some big damage to my check book there…..

  4. machita Says:

    all i can say is i am glad we are sisters…that means i will be getting one 🙂

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    hmmmm…ya think??? pick out your fabric. 😉

  6. Christy Says:

    WOW!!! I love this bowl. You are right these would make excellent gifts this year. Now I must dig through my fabric drawer to see what I got laying around. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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