Yep. I’ve been BUSY…..

This was no easy task, but I got it done.

Made FIVE matching sized rag bowls for a customer, as Christmas gifts for her five grown children.

They turned out BEAUTIFUL!!  I gotta admit , it was hard to let them go.

They are actually larger than the picture appears.   Roughly 13″ around and 5″ high.

A perfect size for so many uses!

I could have easily found a place in my home for all five.    🙂

Thankfully she loved them, actually loved them so much, she now wants two more…..for HERSELF!!!

I love love love to make these things!!!!   I wish it would be suitable to make one for every single person on my Christmas list.

Wouldn’t that make Christmas SIMPLE??

Yes . it . would.

{ sigh }




9 Responses to “Yep. I’ve been BUSY…..”

  1. Jean McCormick Says:

    Can you give the directions again, I can’tfind mine now. They ar beautiful. You did a great job. Jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I don’t remember giving the instructions, but I believe I listed the original book title a couple of posts back maybe. (?)

  2. Lana Schippers Says:

    I dearly love it all! I am def buying a basket or two off you! Do I need to put in orders? 🙂

  3. Cheryce Says:

    Love them! I’m on your list, right? RIGHT?!

  4. machita Says:

    i want mine in green or orange. thanks!

  5. InDSM Says:

    I have made something similar using carpet(?) cording and wrapping fabric around. This was 20+ years ago but I made large baskets with handles and lids. Of course, I no longer have any directions, just memories of past crafts!

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