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When life gives you scraps…

December 14, 2010

You can make rag bowls and give them away….

This is my plan.  I had all kinds of scraps already measured and cut, ya know, just a few too many for the bowl I had cut them for.

I had an idea.  I could match them up, and just make teeny little bowls.   I have 9 made up so far, and will continue making them til I am out of scraps.

I can give them to people at RANDOM.

People that I would have not probably ever felt the need to give a gift to.

People I will not (or hope not) to get anything in return from.


People I know……maybe people I don’t know.

This really costs me nothing but my time.  I have the time to be kind and giving…..and I have lots of scraps.

It feels good to GIVE.

Please find time to give something you have a talent for, or just something you can GIVE that costs (basically) nothing.

Anything from a craft you like to do… an extra smile at someone you meet.

It really is THAT easy.


Ready Made…

December 12, 2010

If you have not heard of the magazine Ready Made, you need to walk run to your nearest magazine retailer and buy a copy!!  it is awesome.  I discovered it a couple years ago, and have learned ALOT from it, on repurposed, frugal, and thrifty living.   They teach you how to make something out of nothing!!!   no kidding!!

My niece is now aspiring to be a contributing editor.  haha…not intentionally, but I think she is well on her way!!!!    What she does think she needs is a VACATION, and her AWESOME submissions just might get her a free trip to New York City!!  wow.  She promised to take me with her, so the least I can do, is rally for some extra votes.  Ya think??

I think the voting is open for a few more days, so please take the time to look at what she had done, literally ON A DIME!!!!   I think you will be impressed.

(and if for some reason, these links don’t get you where you need to go, just copy and paste each one to your browser)

I know I have not updated this blog FOREVER (thanks to my sister Kim for the reminder)….however, I do have some blog inspiration in the works, hopefully in the next day or so.

Stay tuned……