Paint decisions…

Ok.  I can hardly make a decision of what to have for supper, or what time to take a bath at night.

Yet, here I am, trying to make a decision of paint colors for my kitchen.

Choosing the perfect tone out of about 500 30 paint swatches.  Ugh.

The last time I added much paint to our home,  I was in the mustard/sage/brown mindset.

I am VERY tired of those tired looking colors.

I have been looking through paint trends, and thinking I need paint colors more complimentary to my cottage / Nantucket feel of my home……

I am looking at blues and whites and maybe splashes of cherry red accents.  Yeah, that sounds uplifting.  Feels cottage-like huh?


That signature Martha Stewart kitchen look.   Mintish or deeper greenish color and off-white.

Yep, I love that look too.    I love EVERYTHING Martha actually.

All I know, is I have the best painter in the whole wide world penciled in, so sooner or later, I have GOT to make up my mind.

Or he promises me, he will be painting EVERYTHING white!!!!!



23 Responses to “Paint decisions…”

  1. Kattee' Says:

    Just watch it that the red, white and blue doesn’t end up looking patriotic, as I know that’s not what you are trying for.

  2. Kattee' Says:

    For my “summer home”, I was thinking blue, white and either green or yellow (not too bright though).

  3. BLT Says:

    Go a shade or two LIGHTER than you like. Once it’s on the wall, it looks different. I like flat as opposed to gloss/semi or eggshell.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have found the same finishes look best in my house too. Too much shine accentuates the flaws in my OLD OLD walls!!

  4. machita Says:

    I love our painter so much “)!!!!! There is just no one like him. Well, maybe Daddy 😦

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know. I just can’t wait to spend some quality time with him!!!! and I am sure he is equally as anxious!! 😉

  5. Clara Dvorak Says:

    I don’t even know if this is in style anymore or not. But I always liked yellow and blue with white. It always looks fresh.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I think that would definitely still be in style, especially for a kitchen. I am just so burnt out on all my variations of yellow in my house. I used TOO much of it!!

  6. Robbie Says:

    You probably don’t want to do what I did. I started with cream – too boring I thought. So I poured it in a bucket and added some kind of toffee color (another gallon I had). Afraid it was getting too dark, I added a little antique white, then a little gold left over from the livingroom and a little leftover from an upstairs bedroom. I just kept adding a little of this and a little of that. I ended up with what I call Italian Cream Toffee (creamy yellow/gold)…………………..and I have enough paint left over to do another room or so. I also painted a small accent wall the plain toffee color. Yeah, custom color!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      OH my!!! you are DARING!!! I have to laugh at this. If I tried something like this, I would end up with the color of MUD!! haha…..or either that or end up loving it so much, I would never be able to recreate it!! hahaha!!!

  7. Julie Says:

    If your woodwork is white, then look for colors with clear undertones, not muddied colors. And whitework looks fabulous with bright, deep colors. Avoid pastels. Good luck! I love painting…makes everything fresh!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Ok. Clarify what you mean about clear undertones. I need to know MORE. Maybe that is another reason I don’t like the colors I have picked in the past?
      And we have all white woodwork. Thank Goodness…as it really sets off any paint color beautifully!!!

      • Julie Says:

        I guess what I mean by clear undertones is that they are very “pure” colors as opposed to colors that look like they’ve been muted by adding gray or black to them. A clear shade of blue versus and bluish/grayish color.

        We had white woodwork in our previous home and I loved having a red kitchen, honey yellow living room, chocolate family room, and one bright bubble gum pink kid’s room and another turqoise and lime kid’s room. Our new house has oak woodwork and I really had to tone down the colors to work with the natural woodwork…much “muddier” colors in my new home. It took me a while to figure out what to look for in paint colors. That’s when I had the “aha” moment about the clear versus muddy undertones.

        Hope that helps. If not, try this website: I found a nice explanation of undertones and paint selection about half-way down the page (after the color wheel).

  8. Rhiannon Says:

    Aunt Kel – if you remember Jenika’s house on Apt. Therapy – her kitchen was amazing. Black and White check floors and apron sink. Her paint color was Mountain Haze by Behr. I love it! Thinking about painting my bedroom this color. I’ll look for the kichen and send it to you 😉

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ok. TOTALLY the look I want. Unfortunately, I have OAK cupboards, so the look will have to be a little different. 😦 do you still think it would look good??? that is pretty much EXACTLY that Martha Stewart color I was talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and btw, I want Jenikas orange chair in the WORST way….and I also like the “look” of her bathroom wall paper. Our downstairs bathroom is the next project coming up too…with hopefully a painted FLOOR.

  9. Rhiannon Says:

    Oh and btw – it is a light, mintish green…

  10. Rhiannon Says:

  11. LTC Says:

    So a friend of mine works at Sherwin-Williams and I took this to him.. 🙂 He suggested maybe a deep navy blue color would look good with the white. If you didn’t want it to be too “nautical” then maybe do an off white with it too. Hope this helps and you get it all figured out! I need to find out who this painter is…I have a nursery to paint! 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would have thought the same. too much dark navy and you get nautical. ICKKKKK!!!!! off white is a good idea too since STARK white scares me. I gotta go back to square one now that rhiannon showed me Jenikas kitchen. Look at that link on her comment. Navy….or……mint green.
      Oh these decisions are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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