One decision is made…

Here is a glimpse of my kitchen.

Our first plan was to…

Replace kitchen countertop ( I know it looks nearly perfect here, but it is not. There are spots it is splitting, almost makes me wonder if it was defective (?) 14 years ago.  Little slits all along the edge as if the interior is like expanding or something???)

Paint all the cupboards white.

Paint the walls and the ceiling.

Paint the woodwork.

Replace the kitchen sink.

Then I snapped myself back to reality.

I just can NOT expect my husband to paint those cupboards.  I am not into work that does not really NEED to be done.   It would be HUGELY labor and time intensive and I think with all the changes, the room will transformed enough…..the cupboards I can certainly live with.   Can you imagine priming and sanding ALL those cupboard doors, drawers and front pieces.   Ugh…..I just know my nerves can not go through that.   There ARE better ways to spend the money on my budget.


We (meaning my husband)  will be painting the woodwork white.

My painter will paint the walls mint (Martha Stewart) green, and the ceiling and peg rack, WHITE.

Replace the kitchen sink from a standard divided boring stainless steel sink to a one piece farmhouse style WHITE sink.

Replace the coutertop.

Question is…….help me out here.

What color for the countertop????    White????   it will show SO much, but would look more original looking.   Brown???  nope, too much the color of the cabinets now that we are not replacing them.   I am a little undecided on that.

What I do know though, is I am not having that curved spill guard like I have now.   Yuck.   How often do you spill a gallon of milk on the coutertop???   not very often in my house…..and if I did???   that “spill guard” would still not keep it from pouring on the floor!!!   the spill guard is also a HUGE pain each time I need a LEVEL surface to work with.  This happens more than you would think…..and am also NOT going to have that ledge on the wall side of the coutertop either.   Yuck on that too.   I want a flat square straight edged countertop….the way it ORIGINALLY looked.

Yeah, that straight edged ORIGINAL countertop that is now in my basement, that my husband uses for his woodworking area.

{ sigh }.





13 Responses to “One decision is made…”

  1. BLT Says:

    OH TG on the painting of the woodwork! I’d go a shade of cream or very light tans/sand. It will be “timeless” meaning you can paint different colors later on and it will still blend well, change accents/towels/etc. But that’s my ONE cent worth!

  2. Pam Taylor Says:

    I might tend to agree w/ BLT…maybe a cream for the woodwork…love our idea on the 1 piece sink…I love mine..I would imagine u r going w/ the apron front sink? There is a company in DSM that does kitchen counter that is very good unless your neighbor man is doing the counter tops too…My husband didn’t want to mess w/ that…have fun..know ur excited !!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks for the thumbs up on the sink. This is ONE thing that I know I want and something I will NOT regret!!!! plus it is a fantastic addition to my cottage/nantucket look of the house!!!!!!

  3. machita Says:

    GLOSS WHITE WOOD WORK. have I ever led you astray yet? yeah i didnt think so. BTW..didnt you have a one piece white farmhouse sink in that kitchen when you moved in? yeah i thought so. what did you do with it again? hmmm.

  4. ambjour Says:

    i’m not into remodeling or anything but i have a WHITE sink and HATE it!! we have to bleach it like twice a week to make it look clean. and it still has dark spots. YUCK! and i would NOT get a sink without the 2 sides….. also, i LOVE my white woodwork! did it finally come back into style? hahaha

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh Ambjour, if I could only pick ONE thing to replace it would be that sink. I could honestly be happy with everything else!!! yes, white woodwork is THEEE thing to have!!! definitely!!!!!

  5. LaVonne Says:

    Thank God you are not painting those cupboards!!! You are finally coming to your senses. As for Amb and the white sink, I totally agree. They are so hard to keep clean. I am on my 4th one!! As for gloss white—yes! But I believe it was Kim that always hated my glossy furniture! Gloss is always always more durable! More chip resistant! Keep that in mind, easier to clean. As for the countertop, how about a lighter tan shade? Kinda earthy, but not dark brown. If you get a color, you will grow tired of it easily.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Again, the white sink it the ONE thing I am determined to get!!! I think alot of it depends on the quality and style of sink.
      No clue what you are talking about Kim not liking any gloss furniture, but I know when she says gloss paint, it is alot of durability reason and scrubability. Which I could not agree more with.

  6. simplyaltered Says:

    The kitchen sink is what I am MOST anxious to get!! I will not even hear of any other option.
    Not sure what you are talking about Kim not liking your glossy furniture, but I know with her paint recommendation it is for durability and scrubability, which I could not agree more with,… family and in my kitchen? good idea.

  7. Kattee Says:

    Wise decision on not painting the cupboards. REally who wants such time consuming work that does really not need to be done – read a book, go for a ride, watch a movie or go for coffee with your sisters in that time that you would be redoing the cupboards. After all, they just hold dishes and food anyway

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know. I was very proud of this decision, made ALL on my own. Thinking “now does this REALLY need done?” and I could just NOT justify.
      Funny thing is….of course, it was one project my husband was all excited for.
      GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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