Love…{part 2}

Here is another chance for you to take part of the things I love….and remember???  win a chance (or another chance) at a WONDERFUL giveaway!!!!

Just add your two cents worth.  Easy huh?

Here is something I …….LOVE.

The TV series Parenthood.

Have you seen it???  do you love or (since I refrain from the “H” word as much as possible)   dislike it???

You can not EVEN imagine how much I love it.

This show….TAKES ME BACK!!  to a place I want to be AGAIN.

The cast and setting highlights a  large family, VERY tight siblings, and a wide variety of personalities.

LOTS of imperfections….yet LOTS of love and compassion, and understanding, and overlooking etc etc etc.  They cover it ALL and then some.

Isn’t that what “family” is all about???

yes.  it  . is .

I went on a Parenthood marathon this weekend.  I actually purchased the entire set of Season 1.  I have watched them all when it was aired, but guess what??  I spent HOURS watching it again.  I used to barely watch TV, let alone BUY the digital edition!!!  Good Lord…… and I would have never imagined watching the same show TWICE.  I did this weekend, and if time allowed, I would start all over again and do it a third time.  I know.  Crazy huh??

I came to a conclusion this weekend while viewing it.

As happy as the show makes my heart feel, it also NEVER once fails to bring me to tears.  I am talking get a tissue, BIG heartfelt tears.  Every . single . time.

I want my parents back.  I want a “family home” again.  I have a large extended family and we are VERY VERY close, but there is just something missing when you no longer have parents or a “home” to go and see “Mom & daddy”.  I still struggle with this.  Alot.   More than I even thought.  For those of you that still DO have this???   count your blessings….life is short.

Parenthood can take me there, for one hour a week, and I can just reflect and soak it ALL in………

I can also almost pinpoint each personality in the show to a family member of mine.

One of the “families” is nearly a carbon copy of my family of 4.  Relate???  oh yes, I can relate.

This show makes ME a better parent.  I swear.  It also makes me a more appreciative family member to my siblings, spouses, inlaws, etc etc etc.

It is ALL good.

Even my tears are good.  They are tears of happiness and reflection on the wonderful family I can call my own.  When I cry, it is because I remember “those days” so well, and I am determined to hold tight to what to that extended family that I have left.

Now…..if Parenthood is NOT something you watch, let me know the shows you DO watch….and of course, love.

Who knows, maybe I will get hooked on those as well.   🙂

Leave me your comments….and you are one step closer to becoming a winner.  🙂



10 Responses to “Love…{part 2}”

  1. machita Says:

    thank you for getting me “hooked” yes it is so our family. Also thank you for loaning me the first season,as i spent the whole weekend getting caught up. i have cried and cried too watching it. It is my favorite show I have ever watched. It does take me back to when we had Mom and Daddy 😦 And those siblings!!!! how much are they like us? And their kids and husbands? yea i think they are all part Rozenboom 🙂 And how bout when one sibling goes to another sibling with a problem and a half hour later ALL the siblings know about it???? hahahahaha.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I knew you would be COMPLETELY hooked!!!! there is no way a family member of mine could not fall completely in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!
      How about “now don’t tell anyone what I just told you”…..and within minutes EVERYONE knows!!!! hahha

  2. Sherry Says:

    I have to admit I have never seen ‘Parenthood’, but I do like the new show ‘Harry’s Law’ with Kathy Bates, I started watching it because of her, she is such a great actress. Love all her movies that she has been in and was suprised that she would go to TV. Yes, I do like the shows so far…makes you really think about what is happening in this world and hopefully open up our eyes when we are out and about…I will try to catch ‘Parenthood’

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh please give Parenthood a try. I can not imagine what is NOT to love about it. Tomorrow night at 9 in my area. NBC.
      Ya know, I love Kathy Bates!! my second favorite is The Office, and she has a guest spot on it. I love the roles she plays!!! I am going to have to check out Harrys Law as well. Thanks for reminding me!!!

  3. Lori Says:

    Parenthood has got to be one of my all time favorites. I, too, can relate to the family dynamics. I lost my Mom 18 years ago…it’s just not the same. (How many tears did you cry writing that post? I cried reading it.) This show just “feels good.”

    Thanks for sharing.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      awwww….I am glad you can relate. Honestly, I could cry right now just THINKING about the show, my family, etc etc etc…..I am becoming such an emotional sap. 😦

  4. Martha Says:

    Oh, Kelly, me and my husband love Parenthood. I do not have a close relationship with my mother or sister, but I did with my father. He died in 2002. I watch that show and think the same thing – I wish…..

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    Oh, so glad you share the love of it with me!!! it is SO “imperfect” which makes it so REAL !!!!! be sure to catch another NEW episode tomorrow night!!! 🙂

  6. BLT Says:

    Okay. So I’ve tried to watch this twice but I have three dogs who decide they need love, attention, they gotta do their “business” or I need to play toy/bone with them BOTH TIMES!! Since I have no real human children, this must be what parenthood is about (no pun intended!). I’m setting it for the DVR all will just have to get in on this too!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you HAVE to check it out and become hooked!!! I know you can view all episodes if you are a subscriber to or I have purchased the box set of Season 1 if you want to borrow it. Parenthood MARATHON!!!!!! yeah!!!

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