one thing I {don’t} love…

I can’t help it, I have to share one thing I do NOT love.

It is the DRYWALL DUST that is a fine layer over every single crack and crevice of this house.

This is not my hand, or my house.  It is an image I googled, and believe me, mine is every BIT this much!!!

and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!   I mean nearly over the top CRAZY!!!!!

The kitchen is progressing like it should, but considering I wanted this whole thing done YESTERDAY, it is beginning to overwhelm me.

Perfect timing that I would need to take some con-ed classes OUT OF TOWN.   I am leaving tomorrow, for about 36 hours (yep, overnight solo!!!)   and I am gonna love every single minute of hanging out in a DUST free environment!!!!!!!!!!

I remember about 14 years ago when we gutted our kitchen.  The BIG difference is we completlely moved OUT of the kitchen for about a month.  This time, with a partial renovation, we are still trying to function normally with a torn up kitchen….and it is not working.  Period.

……and it is that DREADED month of February again.   { ugh }

….my husband is on a week of furlough

and my S.A.D. is trying really hard to get the best of me.  I am digging deep within my soul to NOT let it win this year.  I refuse, but as you can tell, it is getting dangerously close…..

but a day (and night) away is gonna be good, and WELL DESERVED.

and I promise, I will bring back a list of things I love once again……and hopefully one of them will be  the nice CLEAN house my husband and kids have waiting for me.

God bless them anyway.  🙂

(still taking comments for the drawing….hopefully mid week next week)




6 Responses to “one thing I {don’t} love…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    We had one of those dry wall sanders that you hook up to the vacuum cleaner, helps immensely with all the dust, and you can breathe a lot easier too. Not to mention it is so much easier to live without that fine dust.
    Do you have one of those s.a.d. lights…I hear they do wonders too.
    I am so ready for spring, I guess now that I am a bit older…I don’t like the cold along with the ice and snow anymore…
    I hope you have a relaxing time with your down time all alone.
    I have got to get rid of the dust bunnies today before they get rid of me…;}

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have mentioned this type of machine to Glenn, but of course, since we hardly ever do this, it would not be worth the price. Grrr…… but one time, is one too many for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BLT Says:

    Uuugh! I hate drywall dust too! It IS so hard to breathe!

    I know SAD is no fun. I’ve got a sibling with it.

    Good news is: 40 DAYS TIL SPRING!
    (_/_)(_\_)(_/_)(_\_) <——I'm mooning winter! LOL!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      honestly….I think I am “over” snow at this point. Always ready for each new season, and I am now ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Path to Frugality Says:

    We gutted and renovated our main floor bathroom 2 years ago. Yep, that dust was awful and everyone had to go up stairs and use the bathroom off of our bedroom.

    It’s a great time to get away and I hope it lifts your spirits. I am getting ready to paint my living room after spending several days patching the plaster walls. Now the big trouble begins — what color (and I looovvvve color) do I paint them? I think I will be buying a lot of sample paints until I find the perfect color(s).

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh man, I can’t believe the work YOU are doing!!!!! I just think of the ideas, but know better than to actually DO the work. I would be single if I did. Glenn does not approve of my “hurry up” and get it done quality of work!! haha.
      I am going SAFE this time, and doing a natural beige for color. Everytime I add too much color, I end up hating it in about a year, so I will add color ONLY with accents this time around. 🙂

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