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{ Plan B }

April 3, 2011

Kitchen remodel done.

Time to move onto the bathroom.

It is only about 5 years OVERDUE!!!  every year, this was going to be the winter project and every year, it got pushed back.

No time better than the present,  with a big graduation party now weeks away.

Lets do it.

Plan A:

Take up carpeting, expose the natural hardwood floor, and either keep it, or try something really new and PAINT it.

I have always though painted hardwood floor would be cool.  I have seen it done and it is very cottage-like.   It took me about 3 of the last 5 years to convince my husband to let me do it, and that indeed this CAN be done.

THEN…..we removed the carpeting.


WAY more work than I bargained for.

It was Glenns chance to say those dreaded words to me.   “I told you so!!!!”

Onward to Plan B:

The black & white checkerboard VST composite tile will be laid at 9 am  Monday.

Gotta love “This Old House”.



What I do in my “spare” time…

April 2, 2011

I guess I make monkeys.

Sock Monkeys.

LOTS and LOTS of Sock Monkeys

After posting my one little handmade Sock Monkey on my facebook account, a “few” people showed interest.

I made this first batch of 10, (one not shown)  just hoping they would all sell.  I like Sock Monkeys, but I did not need to be stuck with 10 of them!!!!!!!

Be sure to click on image to enlarge.  See all their adorable personalities????   each one certainly unique!!

Two hours on facebook, they were all SOLD.   I vowed I was not making any more.  But…….I did.

I made another 12.

Posted them and they were all SOLD immediately.

and then there were two specially dressed Sock Monkeys.  One female to join her male companion previously purchased  and another being deployed to Afghanistan with his owner!!!  I know, imagine that???

ok.  More??

Yes, I am now in the process of making 6 more that are special ordered, and obviously already SOLD.

They have been shipped to California, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri and of course, scattered throughout my hometown.

Two  of those Sock Monkeys,  now have their very own facebook page!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, boys, children, adults… are never too young OR old to get a Sock Monkey.

I am going to require a hiatus from Sock Monkeys and get Madisons graduation party planned!!!!!  haha!!!

I swear, I could do these monkeys in my sleep!!   🙂