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I am still here……

June 26, 2011

but I have been a real blog slacker lately huh?   I have no explanation, other than……busy?  preoccupied?  do those two excuses work??  ok   🙂 

What we HAVE been doing (since my kitchen remodel post) , is………….

1.  Bathroom remodel

Yep, I love love love it.  I am a HUGE fan of black and white tile, and I believe it is very neutral, atleast for my look.   This is the second room of the house with it, and if I had MY way, I would probably do every room with it.  🙂  ok, maybe that would be a little overkill, but I do love it THAT much!!

2.  My daughter graduated.  

This was no simple task.  A few bumps in the road to graduation over the years, but all that really matters now, is she IS done with high school, and is diving straight into the working world.  She has a job at Goodwill and absolutely LOVES it!!!  it is perfect for her, as she has always been my frugal child!!  he wardrobe has grown by leaps and bounds……she has wonderful customer service skills and has never been afraid of a hard days work.  

3.  Lastly (for this post)  I have made a nice big list of all the things I want to accomplish for the summer.  Lots of transitions in this family right now and certainly  many more to come.   I will fill you in on what other things have consumed my time (and energy) lately….and a few fun surprises as well.  

Maybe I will be on a roll (blog-wise) once again……  (it is also one of the things on my “list”)   haha

Stay tuned……