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a simple effort…

October 3, 2011

Of course, I am still around.  No excuses this time to bore you with.  Not alot in my life has stayed constant lately, including this blog.  

You know you have not blogged in a LONG time, when you forget your blog password.  

Yes, I forgot it.  Had to send a request to Word Press to jog my memory.  Pathetic, I know.  

So, to get me going again, I will share this small and simple effort that one of my customers has been making. 


Each time she makes an appointment, she uses her original appointment card.   

How easy is that???   very VERY easy.  

The benefits are many.  Eco-friendly, reduces cost to the business, which in time, is passed on to  the consumer.  

Now……before any disagreements begin, I will admit, it  could have a negative impact on my printer (hi Lana)  but I still say it is one simple step to cut down on waste at this point.  

Who wants to be wasteful?    certainly not me.   🙂

On only ONE single appointment card (front and back)  we squeezed…..

TWENTY EIGHT appointments!!!!!!!!!!  

Obviously on the right side of the picture, is the amount of cards (and waste) it would have taken for all TWENTY EIGHT appointments.  

Impressive huh???

So, next time you have an appointment at a salon, Dr office, dental office,  etc etc etc….  before they grab ANOTHER card to give you, just hand them the ONE you already have in your wallet RE-USE it and REDUCE waste.  

Or another idea, this same customers husband just enters his appointments into his Blackberry. 

That works too, even though I still do mine the old fashioned way.  

Imagine that.

Please feel free to post YOUR ideas of how to reduce waste, save money, and in turn save the environment.  We can all benefit from additional ideas,  and we be copy-cats in a very good way!!!