a simple effort…

Of course, I am still around.  No excuses this time to bore you with.  Not alot in my life has stayed constant lately, including this blog.  

You know you have not blogged in a LONG time, when you forget your blog password.  

Yes, I forgot it.  Had to send a request to Word Press to jog my memory.  Pathetic, I know.  

So, to get me going again, I will share this small and simple effort that one of my customers has been making. 


Each time she makes an appointment, she uses her original appointment card.   

How easy is that???   very VERY easy.  

The benefits are many.  Eco-friendly, reduces cost to the business, which in time, is passed on to  the consumer.  

Now……before any disagreements begin, I will admit, it  could have a negative impact on my printer (hi Lana)  but I still say it is one simple step to cut down on waste at this point.  

Who wants to be wasteful?    certainly not me.   🙂

On only ONE single appointment card (front and back)  we squeezed…..

TWENTY EIGHT appointments!!!!!!!!!!  

Obviously on the right side of the picture, is the amount of cards (and waste) it would have taken for all TWENTY EIGHT appointments.  

Impressive huh???

So, next time you have an appointment at a salon, Dr office, dental office,  etc etc etc….  before they grab ANOTHER card to give you, just hand them the ONE you already have in your wallet RE-USE it and REDUCE waste.  

Or another idea, this same customers husband just enters his appointments into his Blackberry. 

That works too, even though I still do mine the old fashioned way.  

Imagine that.

Please feel free to post YOUR ideas of how to reduce waste, save money, and in turn save the environment.  We can all benefit from additional ideas,  and we be copy-cats in a very good way!!! 


12 Responses to “a simple effort…”

  1. Machita Says:

    SimplyAltered? i dont remember this blog. hmmm… I am going to have to think on this one awhile. for like maybe 4 months :O

  2. simplyaltered Says:

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!! you are WAY too funny today!!!!

  3. Lana Schippers Says:

    See how 20 pounds changes your life!

  4. Lana Schippers Says:

    I think it’s awesome…you have been living it…not writing about it…like a Kelli vacation from blogging. 🙂

  5. Diana Says:

    I simply write everything in my 2 year pocket calendar in my purse and tell them I do not NEED a card.

    Missed you, so glad to have you back 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      very good and that is what I do too. I am a HUGE Franklin Covey fan, so still the old fashioned paper planner way.
      and thank you, I am glad someone missed me. 🙂 Hopefully I am back, and in a much more consistent manner. LOL

  6. The Path to Frugality Says:

    I bake coffee cakes, quick breads and the like for our Sunday School class. If I don’t have time for the homemade version and I have to go out and buy these breakfast items, I save the plastic containers that they come in. I wash them, dry them and put them on a shelf for when I want to take some cookies or the like to a neighbor or friend as a gift. They never have to worry about giving me back my container and I in turn tell them to fill it with some goodies and pass it on to someone else.

    Be prepared for your husband to stare at you and shake your head when he sees you washing out these items.

    Martha Comfort – I can’t find my password to WordPress either, Kelly

  7. simplyaltered Says:

    GREAT ideas Martha!!! I need to try this, but the obsessive minimalist part of me can not tolerate having containers sitting around in my cupboards. haha. I know. I need to get over that. I am the kind that keeps wanting to get RID of disposable things like this. 😮 it is a WONDERFUL way to do it though, nothing is worse than taking a meal or treat to someone and then hassling them with trying to get it returned to you. I have made many meals for people in our church and then each time, I have to hunt my Tupperware down again……

  8. Sammie jester Says:

    If you are a quilter or know a quilter who has scraps of 80/20 or cotton batting they can be used in many ways. Dust rags , swiffer cloths ( Save the disposibles) wet or dry. packing in shipped packages, they can be used and thrown away if the job is real dirty or they wash well for a repeat use. A small square placed by the sewing or quilting machine will trap all the loose threads. They are even good for small quilting projects or alone for a coaster.

  9. simplyaltered Says:

    GREAT ideas!!! thanks so much for sharing!!! 🙂 makes me wanna quilt again……

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