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a slight delay…

May 20, 2009


it IS coming.....

"all good things come to those who wait" right?????


I know the image has nothing to do with “Simply Wonderful” laundry soap, but it does have with the whole point of this blog is, and I did not DARE leave out an image of some kind.  Besides, I love the word, so I use it in any way possible!!   🙂

UPDATE:   YES, the Fels Naptha and washing soda ARE coming to Hy-Vee, but just with a slight delay.   😦   I know bummer,  but it is WELL worth the wait.     Dan had a hard time locating enough of it to suit everyones request, but it is on its way.   I am told late Thursday night it WILL be in the store, so to give them a “little” time to get it on the shelves, I am going to now suggest Friday.   🙂    gives you another day or so to get your grocery list in order and get ALL your grocery needs at once, right??   remember, SIMPLE.  One stop shopping.  

Thanks from me (and Dan) for your patience.   

(and I do hope to get the Challenge drawing done tonight!!!  stay tuned, refer your friends, and read through all the comments on each post……there is so many wonderful things to learn from each other!!!  )

Until tonight…….Enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!!!!