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"Style"…insist on your OWN!!!

February 10, 2009

….the card to end all cards  (atleast all of MY cards!)  I have received more comments on this card, than any other!  So, I feel the need to share it with EVERYONE this time!! I nearly tossed the image out, but being a stylist, I just felt the need to use it.  Reduced the size, and added lots of Bazzill mini 3mm brads, some ink, and different papers, and it came to life.  Insist on your OWN style.  Don’t settle for anything less than what feels right for YOU,  and as tempting it might be, don’t be a second rate version of someone else.  As “interesting” as this style appears, it may be good for some???  but my style is SO very  different.  My “style” is VERY simple!!!!  and it suits……..ME!!!!    Yes, Christy……I am making one just for you !!!  lets exchange cards, with YOUR interpretation of “style” for me.    🙂  Fun???