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a simple effort…

October 3, 2011

Of course, I am still around.  No excuses this time to bore you with.  Not alot in my life has stayed constant lately, including this blog.  

You know you have not blogged in a LONG time, when you forget your blog password.  

Yes, I forgot it.  Had to send a request to Word Press to jog my memory.  Pathetic, I know.  

So, to get me going again, I will share this small and simple effort that one of my customers has been making. 


Each time she makes an appointment, she uses her original appointment card.   

How easy is that???   very VERY easy.  

The benefits are many.  Eco-friendly, reduces cost to the business, which in time, is passed on to  the consumer.  

Now……before any disagreements begin, I will admit, it  could have a negative impact on my printer (hi Lana)  but I still say it is one simple step to cut down on waste at this point.  

Who wants to be wasteful?    certainly not me.   🙂

On only ONE single appointment card (front and back)  we squeezed…..

TWENTY EIGHT appointments!!!!!!!!!!  

Obviously on the right side of the picture, is the amount of cards (and waste) it would have taken for all TWENTY EIGHT appointments.  

Impressive huh???

So, next time you have an appointment at a salon, Dr office, dental office,  etc etc etc….  before they grab ANOTHER card to give you, just hand them the ONE you already have in your wallet RE-USE it and REDUCE waste.  

Or another idea, this same customers husband just enters his appointments into his Blackberry. 

That works too, even though I still do mine the old fashioned way.  

Imagine that.

Please feel free to post YOUR ideas of how to reduce waste, save money, and in turn save the environment.  We can all benefit from additional ideas,  and we be copy-cats in a very good way!!! 


I am still here……

June 26, 2011

but I have been a real blog slacker lately huh?   I have no explanation, other than……busy?  preoccupied?  do those two excuses work??  ok   🙂 

What we HAVE been doing (since my kitchen remodel post) , is………….

1.  Bathroom remodel

Yep, I love love love it.  I am a HUGE fan of black and white tile, and I believe it is very neutral, atleast for my look.   This is the second room of the house with it, and if I had MY way, I would probably do every room with it.  🙂  ok, maybe that would be a little overkill, but I do love it THAT much!!

2.  My daughter graduated.  

This was no simple task.  A few bumps in the road to graduation over the years, but all that really matters now, is she IS done with high school, and is diving straight into the working world.  She has a job at Goodwill and absolutely LOVES it!!!  it is perfect for her, as she has always been my frugal child!!  he wardrobe has grown by leaps and bounds……she has wonderful customer service skills and has never been afraid of a hard days work.  

3.  Lastly (for this post)  I have made a nice big list of all the things I want to accomplish for the summer.  Lots of transitions in this family right now and certainly  many more to come.   I will fill you in on what other things have consumed my time (and energy) lately….and a few fun surprises as well.  

Maybe I will be on a roll (blog-wise) once again……  (it is also one of the things on my “list”)   haha

Stay tuned……


{ Plan B }

April 3, 2011

Kitchen remodel done.

Time to move onto the bathroom.

It is only about 5 years OVERDUE!!!  every year, this was going to be the winter project and every year, it got pushed back.

No time better than the present,  with a big graduation party now weeks away.

Lets do it.

Plan A:

Take up carpeting, expose the natural hardwood floor, and either keep it, or try something really new and PAINT it.

I have always though painted hardwood floor would be cool.  I have seen it done and it is very cottage-like.   It took me about 3 of the last 5 years to convince my husband to let me do it, and that indeed this CAN be done.

THEN…..we removed the carpeting.


WAY more work than I bargained for.

It was Glenns chance to say those dreaded words to me.   “I told you so!!!!”

Onward to Plan B:

The black & white checkerboard VST composite tile will be laid at 9 am  Monday.

Gotta love “This Old House”.


What I do in my “spare” time…

April 2, 2011

I guess I make monkeys.

Sock Monkeys.

LOTS and LOTS of Sock Monkeys

After posting my one little handmade Sock Monkey on my facebook account, a “few” people showed interest.

I made this first batch of 10, (one not shown)  just hoping they would all sell.  I like Sock Monkeys, but I did not need to be stuck with 10 of them!!!!!!!

Be sure to click on image to enlarge.  See all their adorable personalities????   each one certainly unique!!

Two hours on facebook, they were all SOLD.   I vowed I was not making any more.  But…….I did.

I made another 12.

Posted them and they were all SOLD immediately.

and then there were two specially dressed Sock Monkeys.  One female to join her male companion previously purchased  and another being deployed to Afghanistan with his owner!!!  I know, imagine that???

ok.  More??

Yes, I am now in the process of making 6 more that are special ordered, and obviously already SOLD.

They have been shipped to California, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri and of course, scattered throughout my hometown.

Two  of those Sock Monkeys,  now have their very own facebook page!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, boys, children, adults… are never too young OR old to get a Sock Monkey.

I am going to require a hiatus from Sock Monkeys and get Madisons graduation party planned!!!!!  haha!!!

I swear, I could do these monkeys in my sleep!!   🙂





Where have I been???…

March 25, 2011

I have not gone far, trust me.  Not a whole lot further than my NEW kitchen!!!!!!!

Yeah, it is D.O.N.E   !!!!!!

I promise my husband, I will NEVER ever make him do another kitchen remodel in this lifetime.

Imagine no kitchen, Winter Blues, and a husband on furlough leave from work?  it all equals WAY more stress than I was prepared for.  ALOT more.

But it is done and I am hap hap happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the before and after pics.   (ok, I admit, it maybe WAS worth the mess)    🙂

note: the partial wall behind my husband. This is the obnoxious wall that started the whole mess!!! (on the other side of the wall is my back door)

and so it begins.....

same view as with pic #1. Glenn is good at "tearing apart", my brother-in-law Marv is good at "putting back together" WHEW!!!

the contents of my kitchen, are now in my "quiet room". Grrrrr.....

The wall hanging that inspired the whole project....

certainly a "breath of fresh air" feeling!!! this is basically the same view as pic #1. Amazing huh??

opposite view...

my favorite little nook in the kitchen. A good reminder for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my NEW, bright and airy and remodeled kitchen.

Coming up next?

Sock Moneys…..LOTS and LOTS of Sock Monkeys.  🙂   you won’t want to miss it.

Stay tuned………

I . love . her !!!

February 15, 2011

I love these Senior pictures.

I love having  a Senior.

And…I love her.

My firstborn.  Where did the last 18 years go???

One of my favorite sayings (and I have many!!)

“The days are long, but the years are fast”

This rings SO true with us.

Has this been “easy” ?   no.

But then again, not much in parenting comes easy.  Parenting teenagers is a whole other situation.   It has humbled me more than you can imagine.  I tried early on, to step in and help to avoid the hard lessons of life.  That got me no where. Fast.  It is one of the hardest things to let your kids learn the hard way, but so rewarding when in the blink of an eye, they make judgement calls that remind you that they HAVE been listening afterall.  I see MANY of these moments….especially lately.

Madison is a HARD worker, and she is independent.  Two traits that will carry her well into life.

I am seeing more and more how it must feel to see your children grow up, make their own way and be successful.   I want to see her HAPPY, no matter what it takes to get there.  Each persons version of happiness is different, but happiness is where she is headed.  A good productive solid citizen.    Happiness is key.

We recently had Senior pictures taken.   To each their own, but I see actual professional Senior pictures as being highly overrated.  I have a creative neice, with a great eye for a photo op and a great camera.   Sounds ideal huh??  it was.   They had a good time taking the pictures, the casual environment of two family members together, and the opportunity to take as many pictures as they wanted, in as many locations, hairstyles, clothing changes etc etc etc as they chose.   I think they are EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!   and the price was definitely right.   I had them developed and edited professionally, and we can call it good.

Some spend nearly a thousand dollars (or maybe more) on Senior pics.  That works for them, it does not work for us.

Now…..we move forward with  planning a graduation party, ordering a class ring, cap & gown, etc etc etc….yep, we are going to be BUSY!!!!!

and in 3 more years, I get to do it all again with my son.  🙂

Life is getting very interesting and will endure ALOT of changes coming up………

I hope I am ready.

one thing I {don’t} love…

February 9, 2011

I can’t help it, I have to share one thing I do NOT love.

It is the DRYWALL DUST that is a fine layer over every single crack and crevice of this house.

This is not my hand, or my house.  It is an image I googled, and believe me, mine is every BIT this much!!!

and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!   I mean nearly over the top CRAZY!!!!!

The kitchen is progressing like it should, but considering I wanted this whole thing done YESTERDAY, it is beginning to overwhelm me.

Perfect timing that I would need to take some con-ed classes OUT OF TOWN.   I am leaving tomorrow, for about 36 hours (yep, overnight solo!!!)   and I am gonna love every single minute of hanging out in a DUST free environment!!!!!!!!!!

I remember about 14 years ago when we gutted our kitchen.  The BIG difference is we completlely moved OUT of the kitchen for about a month.  This time, with a partial renovation, we are still trying to function normally with a torn up kitchen….and it is not working.  Period.

……and it is that DREADED month of February again.   { ugh }

….my husband is on a week of furlough

and my S.A.D. is trying really hard to get the best of me.  I am digging deep within my soul to NOT let it win this year.  I refuse, but as you can tell, it is getting dangerously close…..

but a day (and night) away is gonna be good, and WELL DESERVED.

and I promise, I will bring back a list of things I love once again……and hopefully one of them will be  the nice CLEAN house my husband and kids have waiting for me.

God bless them anyway.  🙂

(still taking comments for the drawing….hopefully mid week next week)



Love…{part 2}

January 31, 2011

Here is another chance for you to take part of the things I love….and remember???  win a chance (or another chance) at a WONDERFUL giveaway!!!!

Just add your two cents worth.  Easy huh?

Here is something I …….LOVE.

The TV series Parenthood.

Have you seen it???  do you love or (since I refrain from the “H” word as much as possible)   dislike it???

You can not EVEN imagine how much I love it.

This show….TAKES ME BACK!!  to a place I want to be AGAIN.

The cast and setting highlights a  large family, VERY tight siblings, and a wide variety of personalities.

LOTS of imperfections….yet LOTS of love and compassion, and understanding, and overlooking etc etc etc.  They cover it ALL and then some.

Isn’t that what “family” is all about???

yes.  it  . is .

I went on a Parenthood marathon this weekend.  I actually purchased the entire set of Season 1.  I have watched them all when it was aired, but guess what??  I spent HOURS watching it again.  I used to barely watch TV, let alone BUY the digital edition!!!  Good Lord…… and I would have never imagined watching the same show TWICE.  I did this weekend, and if time allowed, I would start all over again and do it a third time.  I know.  Crazy huh??

I came to a conclusion this weekend while viewing it.

As happy as the show makes my heart feel, it also NEVER once fails to bring me to tears.  I am talking get a tissue, BIG heartfelt tears.  Every . single . time.

I want my parents back.  I want a “family home” again.  I have a large extended family and we are VERY VERY close, but there is just something missing when you no longer have parents or a “home” to go and see “Mom & daddy”.  I still struggle with this.  Alot.   More than I even thought.  For those of you that still DO have this???   count your blessings….life is short.

Parenthood can take me there, for one hour a week, and I can just reflect and soak it ALL in………

I can also almost pinpoint each personality in the show to a family member of mine.

One of the “families” is nearly a carbon copy of my family of 4.  Relate???  oh yes, I can relate.

This show makes ME a better parent.  I swear.  It also makes me a more appreciative family member to my siblings, spouses, inlaws, etc etc etc.

It is ALL good.

Even my tears are good.  They are tears of happiness and reflection on the wonderful family I can call my own.  When I cry, it is because I remember “those days” so well, and I am determined to hold tight to what to that extended family that I have left.

Now…..if Parenthood is NOT something you watch, let me know the shows you DO watch….and of course, love.

Who knows, maybe I will get hooked on those as well.   🙂

Leave me your comments….and you are one step closer to becoming a winner.  🙂


Love… {part 1}

January 21, 2011

I am at a little bit of a standstill on the kitchen renovation,  just waiting for the countertop to arrive, the kitchen sink AND the contractor that is going to be removing a partial wall for me.  Unfortunately everything can’t happen at once, so I need to find something to occupy my time…..and take my mind off the mess I am now dealing with.  Ugh.


You get to hear how many SIMPLE things that I love in life.   I also want to hear YOURS!!   (read the incentive below)

Valentines day is approaching, and honestly we do NOT do “Valentines” day.   Personally (don’t flame me)  I think it is stupid.  An unnecessary  commercialized Hallmark holiday pretty much sums up my opinion.   You may feel differently, and that is fine, but since this is MY blog, I get to make the rules.  hahahahaha!!!!   JOKING.  (kind of).

I do not need February 14 to express my love.  I also don’t need it expressed to me by anyone specifically ON that day.  I have been with Glenn for nearly 30 years  (dating and married).   I can assure you, I have never given OR recieved  a gift on Valentines Day, even back when we were 15 and began dating.  Nope.  Notta. Never.    We both know better, and we are good with that agreement.  🙂   it works for US.  You celebrate howEVER you wish, but we do not.

Now…it is a given, I love my kids, my husband, my home, my extended family, etc etc etc…..

Here are a few SIMPLE pleasures that always bring a smile to my face and a certain warmth to my  heart.  (and some others I am just plain obsessed with)   LOL

1.  Mc Donalds Iced Coffee.

Yes, I can make my own, but there is something about  treating yourself from a plastic glass at a drive-thru.  MUCH to my dismay though, I went to get one yesterday AND…..get this.  The price has gone UP about a month ago, and as of yesterday the SIZE went DOWN!!!!   what in the heck is up with that?????     I may need to boycott this idea.  Just sayin……

2.  Magazines.

I admit it,  I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines.  I never go anywhere with out a magazine in hand (and usually five).  …and I gladly recycle them and pass them on to my sisters after I am done with them.  (I think they pass them on when they are done as well).  I also use them well in the salon for customers to read…, this obsession and splurge  is completely justified in my mind atleast.  🙂   It is a GREAT day when I am at the grocery store and I see all new issues sitting on the rack. I can hardly think straight!!! So much reading and even MORE inspiration!!!!  I also have alot of “rules” when it comes to MY magazines, but I will leave those details for some other time.  Anyone that knows me very personally already knows how to follow these “rules” ….and they do NOT question them.   LOL

3.  Being a Libra.

Yep, this concept sent me a little for a loop when some scientist implied I may need to CHANGE my Zodiac sign.  Hellooooo….I think NOT.  I think that man just had too much time on his hands.  If you read the qualities of a Libra and how much they strive for balance….you are seeing what I am all about.   I am a Libra.  End of topic.  Thankyouverymuch.

That is all for today. I do not want to bore anyone.  { gasp }

I have a lot more in my mind, and I will keep posting them until we reach Valentines Day itself, or my kitchen is complete.  Which ever comes first.  I am betting Valentines Day will happen first.  😦

Now…..SIMPLE things.  What do you LOVE????  (or comment on the things I love)   post only those unexpected things.  Those things that just make ya wanna smile.   I know EVERYONE loves their spouse and kids…..or atleast SHOULD!!!!    Who knows?  if you share the little pleasures in life that you have come to love….maybe all the blog readers will give them a try as well!!!!


The best part???  all comments from each “Love” blog post will  go into a drawing for a very special HANDMADE item from me, shipped straight to your door.   Guaranteed, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it too!!!!  hopefully you will love it even more than Valentines Day.  🙂

Ready, set……GO  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One decision is made…

January 12, 2011

Here is a glimpse of my kitchen.

Our first plan was to…

Replace kitchen countertop ( I know it looks nearly perfect here, but it is not. There are spots it is splitting, almost makes me wonder if it was defective (?) 14 years ago.  Little slits all along the edge as if the interior is like expanding or something???)

Paint all the cupboards white.

Paint the walls and the ceiling.

Paint the woodwork.

Replace the kitchen sink.

Then I snapped myself back to reality.

I just can NOT expect my husband to paint those cupboards.  I am not into work that does not really NEED to be done.   It would be HUGELY labor and time intensive and I think with all the changes, the room will transformed enough…..the cupboards I can certainly live with.   Can you imagine priming and sanding ALL those cupboard doors, drawers and front pieces.   Ugh…..I just know my nerves can not go through that.   There ARE better ways to spend the money on my budget.


We (meaning my husband)  will be painting the woodwork white.

My painter will paint the walls mint (Martha Stewart) green, and the ceiling and peg rack, WHITE.

Replace the kitchen sink from a standard divided boring stainless steel sink to a one piece farmhouse style WHITE sink.

Replace the coutertop.

Question is…….help me out here.

What color for the countertop????    White????   it will show SO much, but would look more original looking.   Brown???  nope, too much the color of the cabinets now that we are not replacing them.   I am a little undecided on that.

What I do know though, is I am not having that curved spill guard like I have now.   Yuck.   How often do you spill a gallon of milk on the coutertop???   not very often in my house…..and if I did???   that “spill guard” would still not keep it from pouring on the floor!!!   the spill guard is also a HUGE pain each time I need a LEVEL surface to work with.  This happens more than you would think…..and am also NOT going to have that ledge on the wall side of the coutertop either.   Yuck on that too.   I want a flat square straight edged countertop….the way it ORIGINALLY looked.

Yeah, that straight edged ORIGINAL countertop that is now in my basement, that my husband uses for his woodworking area.

{ sigh }.