Day 21 (awesome or just plain AWEFUL?)

Oh my!!!

we Rozenboom girls pride ourselves in either giving really AWESOME gifts, or just the opposite….those kind of gifts leave you scratching you head!!!   I am thinking this could be one of them.  🙂

Gee, thanks Kim ( I think ) haha

My sister Kim gave me this gift today (for doing her nails for the last 12 months!!)

You should have seen how giddy she was, and how hard we laughed as I opened it!!!!!!   eek  !!!!!!  a grey poodle made MANY years ago, out of Macrame (?)   and I swear, I think it was created out of steel wool.  SCRATCHY!!!!!   but it does eerily look like my DOG !!!!

she has no idea we are actually making fun of her!! but ya gotta admit it is strangely similar huh???

She snagged this beauty at a flea market, for nothing more than TWENTY FIVE CENTS   !!!  what a steal  !!!! Glad I have worked the last 12 months for THIS!!!!!

Give me your thoughts.  Awesome or Aweful.  I have my guesses on the consensus.   LOL

Kim and I both have broad shoulders, and it takes quite a bit to offend us.  Whew huh??

**and make note:  this was not the only gift.  She did get me an honestly AWESOME gift.  A big tumbler drinking glass with a type written letter “K”.   OF course, my favorite letter of them all!!!

….another of the MANY MILLION reasons I am thankful for sisters.  We humor each other quite well!!!


26 Responses to “Day 21 (awesome or just plain AWEFUL?)”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    omg how AWESOME yes i vote “awesome” i cannot even get over how hard we laughed and at the same time couldnt get over how ‘awesome” it is. poor Mitzi she just watched as we laughed and laughed !!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know!!! it is SO completely horrible awesome I can not stand how funny it was!! as long as I don’t get too close to the itchiness factor of it, I like it. 🙂

  2. Cheryce Says:

    I can’t decide, but I think it’s freaking HYSTERICAL!!! Nice find! Now it’s my turn to laugh at YOUR blog!

    It does look eerily like your pup, too. LOL…

  3. Pam Taylor Says:

    you gals !!! it is an awesome gift…love it…you know you are thought of wherever she is…every time you look at it you will share the fun moment you two had unveiling it…good job, kim

    • simplyaltered Says:

      she did do good huh??? the saddest thing, is I wish I would have received it on Christmas day!! the first time in our whole lives that Kim will be missing from our celebration. She is going to Cincinatti to be with Rhiannon. I know she has to , but we sisters have a selfish side and want her HERE !! 😦

  4. Lana Schippers Says:

    Eww I think that is kinda creepy….It looks like a Voodoo Dog…the cup doesn’t have any pin cushion holes does it? 🙂

  5. Rosemary Says:

    I LOVE sisters!

  6. LaVonne Bloem Says:

    Well it DOES look like Mitzi, but I wouldn’t want it hanging up in my house! I give Kim a start for originality!!!!!!

  7. Wanda Says:

    You gals sound like our family…we have fun over the strangest things…no one else would think is funny. I’m just glad it is to hang in your house Kelli and NOT mine 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, some people could find some of our gift giving ideas “offensive” but we find them hysterical. She had this since October and told me it was KILLING her not to give in, and give it to me sooner!!!! LOL

  8. LisaW Says:

    It makes me giggle 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      me too…..each and everytime I look at it.
      and the funnier part??? the back side doubles as an ever WEIRDER looking owl!!!!! go figure!! haha

  9. ambjour Says:

    that ugly thing ROCKS! i can about imagine the laughter!! my vote= TOTALLY AWESOME!! LOL

  10. Katie@ The Baby Factory Says:

    That is hilar! You can do my nails for a year and I’d get you a cool gift for Christmas, too 😉 jk, jk 🙂
    If it hadn’t been that it looked like your dog….I would say AWFUL…..BUT, just the mere fact that she was walking through a flea market and saw it and thought of YOU… funny, almost offensive, but awesome 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, I was thinking the same thing….and also, ya wonder what the gal that she paid her quarter to was also thinking….wondering if this ugly thing was EVER gonna sell to anyone!! amazing it did not end up in the landfill LONG ago!! haha!!!

  11. bejes Says:

    That thing is dead on! Total Awesomeness

  12. Dannitta Says:


  13. Amy D Says:

    I have to say AWESOME as the gift certainly did what it was intended to do – give you both a good belly-laugh – which is something we all need once in awhile!!! Be sure to hang it somewhere you won’t see it ALL the time, but whenever you catch sight of it, it will make you laugh all over again.


    • simplyaltered Says:

      it is going in my basement. It is perfect, and you are right. I do not necessarily want to see it TOO MUCH, but enough to remind me to laugh and remember the story behind it!! 🙂

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